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illustration of an older woman with a walker standing against a closed glass hospital door.

How they did it: STAT reporters expose how ailing seniors suffer when Medicare Advantage plans use algorithms to deny care

STAT reporters Bob Herman and Casey Ross share eight reporting tips based on their four-part investigative series, which revealed that health insurance companies used a flawed computer algorithm and secret internal rules to improperly deny or limit rehab care for seriously ill older and disabled patients.

Expert Commentary

Beige Book

Story ideas from the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book: March 2024

Our semi-regular rundown of the Federal Reserve’s Beige Book is full of story ideas for reporters across beats, from financial strain due to “Dry January” in New England, to movers moving out of the moving business in Pennsylvania, to election-related business cutbacks in Virginia to commercial real estate loans coming due across much of the U.S.