Naseem S. Miller

Naseem Miller joined The Journalist’s Resource in 2021 after working as a health reporter in local newspapers and national medical trade publications for nearly two decades. She covers health and medicine with a focus on disparities. She co-started and administers the Journalists Covering Trauma Facebook page and frequently speaks to journalists about trauma and trauma-informed reporting. You can send her an email or find her on Twitter @NaseemMiller.

Expert Commentary

Monkeypox virus image

Monkeypox: An explainer and research roundup

A handful of researchers tried to notify the international community about a brewing problem with monkeypox, but their reports went mostly unnoticed until an outbreak in the United Kingdom in May. More than 90 countries have now reported outbreaks.

Expert Commentary

pulse oximeter reading image

Racial disparities in pulse oximeter readings: Research roundup

A series of recent studies has found that pulse oximeters are more likely to give inaccurate readings for people with darker skin, especially Black people, by overestimating their blood oxygen levels. This is particularly important for critically ill patients, where doctors constantly rely on pulse oximeter readings to decide how much oxygen to give patients.