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Environmental and energy research websites

Compendium of websites with more information on environment, energy, climate and sustainability issues

The environment category of Journalist’s Resource includes scholarly material on a wide variety of subjects that touch on the physical world, including climate change, energy, sustainability, transportation and land use. The studies included are selected for their timeliness, authority and public-policy importance.

Many more such studies can be found in databases such as PLos ONE, SSRN or Google Scholar. When searching, try to find studies that are published in research-oriented journals, that come from universities or non-partisan research organizations, and that cite other studies published in journals.

Here are some other places to look for more information in this area:

U.S. Government

United Nations


  • The Ecologist: Full-text articles about environmental affairs going back to 1970.
  • Environment News Service: Daily independent international newswire covering environment issues such as renewable energy.

Other sources

  • Earth Portal: This site consists of three components: The Encyclopedia of Earth, the Earth Forum (commentary), and Earth news (news stories on environmental issues).
  • EarthTrends: Searchable databases and data tables by topic from the World Resources Institute.

Site list courtesy of the Harvard Kennedy School Library.

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