Ebola virus particles (Wikimedia)

Ebola virus and U.S. preparedness

Research-based perspectives on the outbreak of Ebola virus in West Africa and the challenges of dealing with a large-scale epidemic.

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"Occupy Central" protests in Hong Kong (Wikimedia)

Hong Kong: Issues of freedom and democracy

With the student movement in Hong Kong in the spotlight, we review studies that help contextualize the recent wave of popular unrest.

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2014 Senate map (Wikimedia)

Why the president’s party often loses the midterms

Midterm Congressional elections tend to be tough on the president. We look at the research, including a Duke study on the most recent cycle.

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USS Philippine Sea, September 2014 (U.S. Navy)

U.S. air power: Lessons from recent conflicts

As the United States conducts air strikes in Syria against the Islamic State (ISIS), we round up research on past campaigns and outcomes.

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