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Database of statistics and historical data as well as surveys, reports, working papers and articles.

The economics category of Journalist’s Resource includes scholarly material on a wide variety of subjects that touch on areas such as banking, business, taxation, and real estate. The studies included are selected for their timeliness, authority and public-policy importance.

Many more such studies can be found in databases such as SSRN or Google Scholar. When searching, try to find studies that are published in research-oriented journals, that come from universities or non-partisan research organizations, and that cite other studies published in journals. One place to look for the work of leading scholars is in the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). (Journalists are eligible for a free subscription.)

Here are some other helpful resources for more information in this area:

U.S. Government

State and Local Level

Global Sources

  • UNdata: Extensive data including commodity trading, energy, environment, health, global indicators, and links to international statistical agencies.
  • Data: The World Bank: Includes World Development Indicators and country profiles. Check the Data Catalog for links to other sources of data including datasets in raw format.
  • International Economics Gateway (Alta Plana): Provides links to international economic organizations, data archives, and national government economic statistical websites.
  • International Statistical Agencies: Links to national statistical agencies by country. Here you will find demographic, economic and social data.
  • WebEc (University of Helsinki): An extensive index to free economics data on the Web.

Other sources

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