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scrabble spelling of hope on a world map

Hope: A research-based explainer

Hope is complex, but as we embark on a challenging year of news, it’s important for journalists to learn about it. We’ve gathered several studies below to help you think more deeply about hope and recognize its role in our everyday lives.

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a ladder with christmas lights

Seasonal holiday injuries: A research roundup

Holidays are a time for celebration, but also a source of injuries. Several research studies examine both common and uncommon types and sources of seasonal holiday injuries, which usually peak on the week after Thanksgiving and continue until the end of the year.

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Man cutting granite counter tops outdoors.

Silicosis: An explainer and research roundup

Silicosis is an ancient job-related lung disease affecting construction workers and miners who come in contact with silica dust. But in recent decades, it also has been affecting younger workers who fabricate artificial stone, which is used for countertops and has a high silica concentration.