Expert Commentary

Videos with veteran advice for aspiring journalists

Variety of video clips that touch on issues relating to journalism training, school and the future of news

The beginning of the 2011 journalism school year is already upon us.

We’ve aggregated a variety of video clips that are worth considering for young reporters in training and those looking to chart a career in a profession that is rapidly changing.

Below are eight clips to check out:



Dorothy J. Gaiter, longtime writer for the Wall Street Journal, talks about the importance of journalism school:

Jim Brady, former general manager of and former executive editor of, talks about what journalism students should do to prepare for careers:

Regina McCombs, a faculty member of The Poynter Institute who teaches multimedia, and social and mobile journalism, gives advice on multi-platform journalism:

Carl Bialik, who writes the “Numbers Guy” column and blog for the Wall Street Journal, talks about numeracy for journalists and some of the basic skills needed to report intelligently on statistics and studies:

David Poulson, associate director of the Knight Center for Environmental Journalism, offers advice to beat reporters on acquiring computer-assisted reporting skills:

Karl Gude, an instructor at Michigan State University’s journalism school and former graphics editor at Newsweek, offers five ways to think about graphics for stories:

Chris Cillizza, Washington Post political editor/blogger and video personality, talks about the importance of offering a wide variety of content:

Veteran Canadian journalist Steve Paikin discusses the techniques for preparing questions for an interview: