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About Journalist's Resource

Educators and students at hundreds of universities are already using Journalist’s Resource in the classroom. They teach everywhere from Syracuse, Northwestern, Missouri and Columbia to smaller institutions across the the United States and around the world. Working journalists at outlets large and small also use our highly curated database of academic research to get data and context on deadline, and also as a source for story ideas.

While we encourage journalists to cite primary sources and the studies we write about, we do provide credible information that can be linked to, in order to deepen and strengthen articles. Many blogs, think tanks and organizations regularly use our materials. A sampling of recent news articles that link to or cite us:


And Journalist’s Resource itself, its affiliated members and their related work have been in the news:

We also receive feedback nearly every day about Journalist’s Resource; here are just a few of the responses we’ve received:

  • “This is a terrific resource. Kudos for developing it. You have some great material.”
    Walter V. Robinson, Northeastern University
  • “I love your site. I organize my course around students’ finding their own study and research topic, and that’s where they look at what you have posted on your site. They then write an inverted pyramid news story about the study’s findings. From there they expand their topic and write a short feature and an in-depth feature.”
    Janet Mizrahi, UC Santa Barbara
  • “Your syllabus has proved quite helpful — I’m a happy user. I’ve synthesized it liberally with other sources, including a syllabus from a Baruch colleague, and my own concepts from a 45-year career at The New York Times.”
    Ralph Blumenthal, City University of New York
  • “I’ve found Journalist’s Resource to be a great tool, both as a reporter and now teaching at Stonehill. And the help I’ve gotten from the folks when I’ve been hunting for information has been terrific.”
    Maureen Boyle, Stonehill College